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  1. Inhibitors are supposed??? to prevent corossion, that is there sole purpose, they DO NOT improve system efficiency and they certainly DO NOT reduce fuel poverty .Fuel poverty is a serious problem and I can assure you chemicals in your heating system will not do anything to address the problem, fuel poverty needs to be dealt with by firstly improving insulation levels, then if needed a new boiler and new radiators, but pouring in some chemicals will not have any effect on fuel poverty.
    The use of chemicals in my opinion is to overcome the cheap rubbish components that installers are using in systems, also the lack of proper design of systems, the correct filling and de-aearting of systems, it is these issues that need addressing, even BS 7593:2006 for what its worth says, “Corrosion inhibitors should not be used as a substitute for correct system design, installation and maintenance” but i’m afraid thats exactly what it is been used for.


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