Wavin Hep2O is on the hunt for the industry’s most inspirational stories

It’s been a challenging past twelve months for everyone, plumbers included. That’s why Wavin Hep2O is launching Pride of Plumbing, a campaign which aims to give some of the heroes of the industry the recognition they deserve. Karen Stables, Marketing Manager for Wavin Hep2O shares some more details about the exciting plans.

Everyone’s had to adapt this past year, with many of us having to take on new roles and multi-task like never before. But for plumbers, that’s not necessarily a ‘new normal’ – being flexible and wearing many hats has always been part of the job. After all, to be a success in the trade, you have to be a dab hand at much more than just the plumbing itself; you need to be accountants, trainers, mentors, community supporters, emergency service providers, and more.

And when things have gotten really tough over the last twelve months, plumbers have stepped up like never before and done the industry proud by going above and beyond to help out their local communities, customers and one another. But too often these fantastic endeavours can go under the radar, until now.

So, this year, we’ve decided to launch our Pride of Plumbers campaign, a nationwide search for the most amazing, inspirational stories the industry has to offer. The campaign is all about celebrating and championing plumbers for the heroes they really are, and giving them the recognition they deserve. We’ve always aimed to be there for the industry and given the hardship of the past year, it felt like a particularly important time to celebrate everything’s that is great about it!

Right now, we’re at the stage of calling out for nominations and have received some truly inspirational stories already. Once all the nominations are in, a panel of industry experts will then select four stories to take the spotlight in our upcoming campaign. We can’t say too much at this point, but it will involve an exciting campaign running over the second quarter of the year, when we really bring to life and tell the stories of each of the plumbers we select for the whole industry to enjoy. Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information as we prepare for Pride of Plumbing to go live.

So, do you know a fellow plumber who’s had a tough year, but regardless has put other people’s needs before their own? Or maybe they’ve become the beating heart of the community or have helped bring about local initiatives that help make some real, positive change. Whatever the noble cause, if you have someone in mind, or think that you’ll make a good candidate yourself, this is a great opportunity to let them know their hard work is appreciated. All you need to do is fill in this simple nomination form for the panel to consider. But be quick, the deadline’s the 19 of February – so enter before it’s too late!

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