Wavin launches Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for its products

Wavin has now launched environmental product declarations (EPDs) for its suite of products sold in the UK and Irish markets.

Based on third-party verified life cycle assessments (LCAs), EPDs transparently map production processes to resource impacts. Providing details on the environmental impact across the entire life cycle, EPDs enable building designers, planners, contractors and developers to choose more sustainable products and solutions.  

“Providing detailed environmental information for each Wavin product marks an important milestone in realising a sustainable value chain for the European construction industry,” said Anneleen Veldhuizen, Sustainability Manager at Wavin EMEA. “The LCAs and EPDs offer our customers transparency and insight into the environmental impact of their construction projects. With these EPDs, we have supported various customers in selecting the best products for their projects that also have the lowest footprints.” 

Customers in the construction sector are increasingly asking for EPDs, and Wavin is one of the first companies in the sector to be able to provide these.

This is not going unnoticed as Jamie Bursnell, Group Technical and Innovations Manager at Bellway Homes explains: “It’s important that we receive EPDs from all of our suppliers and this has been challenging as most manufacturers don’t yet have EPDs in place for all of their product portfolio. We recently asked Wavin for EPDs and they were able to respond fully to our request within 48 hours.  It’s nice to work with a company who has actually sorted out their EPDs – not an easy task given the size of the range and the variety of components and materials. Well done Wavin’’. 

As a global business, Wavin aims to make a difference and become a worldwide leader in sustainability. By monitoring, measuring and communicating emissions and process impacts for its products based on LCAs and EPD disclosures, Wavin can initiate continuous product improvements and production measures that contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions.  

Veldhuizen continued: “Our sustainability journey is well underway. Having more insight into the true impacts of our products globally helps us evaluate and optimize our production chain. So our production becomes more sustainable and our suppliers and customers get cleaner, greener, high-performance products and solutions.” 

The EPDs that are currently available cover the majority of Wavin’s product portfolio in the UK and Ireland. EPDs for the remaining products are expected in the near future’.  

Find out more at: www.wavin.com/en-gb