We are moving towards greener fuels – Dr Theo Hendricks Q&A

UK energy suppliers are unanimously favouring clean fuels that negate the release of emissions.

During a recent interview held at InstallerSHOW at the Birmingham NEC, Dr Theo Hendriks underlined a shift in European and UK energy strategies towards cleaner fuel production and usage.

When asked about his current professional projects Dr Theo Hendriks explained his ambition to assist in creating a functioning hydrogen market supply chain also adding: “Hydrogen applications are coming.”

“First of all, we must realise that the gas appliance market is a huge market, with millions of units sold every year. Converting that to new technologies will take a lot of time. The UK need to develop a total low-carbon supply chain, and that takes much longer, with much higher costs.”

He also went on to say that he was “happy to see a good initiative in the UK” in relation to introducing renewable and alternative energy systems and products specific to the British market.

According to Dr Theo Hendriks, the most prominent challenge being faced by the energy industry today is the role of politicians. He added: “Politicians should rely on figures, not ideas and wishful thinking.”

Watch the full interview here:

Dr Theo Hendriks is a seasoned academic and businessman with a CV of employment at the business end of the appliance manufacturing industry on a European scale. He has a continuing and experienced career in all technical and commercial aspects of the energy industry and firmly and courteously stated that green alternative fuels such as DME will soon become market relevant as replacements for LNG.

He is currently the CEO for HyMove BV, a Dutch organisation that specialise in hydrogen fuel cell systems and TPM Consult, a company that supports international companies in the development and marketing of household appliances and energy products.

He is also the Director of Rinnai Europe. He has held a further post as CEO of NEFIT, a company that operated in the commercial sale of boilers and heat pumps, now a subsidiary of BOSCH. He is also a qualified physicist.

Rinnai has adapted its whole range of products to include heat pumps, solar PV installations and hydrogen ready technology. Rinnai understands the environmental and customer requirements of carbon reducing fuels and accompanying products. Rinnai is committed towards introducing appliances and systems that utilise clean energies that create a healthier way of living.

Rinnai has adapted all off-grid products to accept BioLPG, DME and r-DME as well as presently used LNG. Both commercial and domestic properties on and off-grid can decarbonise now with Rinnai’s H3 range of products that supplies practical, technical and economic solutions to contemporary customers who require clean power, heating and hot water.