Webinar: 10 ways to drive more conversations through your website

In this seminar, you’ll learn all about getting your potential customers to get in touch with you through your website.

Delivered by Grant Robertson, founder of Shake and Speare, website design specialists for trades.

Thursday 13 May at 3pm

There’s no charge – Click here to save your spot

We’ll explore small, simple items you can add or alter on your website which have been proven to increase interactions, get people into a conversation with you and increase your conversion rate.

Many of the steps that we’ll cover can be implemented by yourself or your web team in 10-15 minutes but can make a massive difference to your customers and, therefore, your business.

Whether you created a website 5 years ago and haven’t touched it since, have just had one made or you’re making one yourself, this webinar is worth listening to for useful tips and tricks.

We’ll be carrying out this webinar live, so if you have any questions that you want to ask in particular then please come prepared and feel free to ask away. We promise to answer them as best we can.