Webinar: How do we widen the appeal of the industry and address the looming skills gap?

Our dynamic industry plays an increasingly important role in reaching low carbon aims. There is much talk of the skills gap looming as well as a hefty target of having 600,000 heat pumps per year installed by 2028, so, the opportunities are there for those wanting to take it.

But, despite this, does it appeal to those outside the industry, men and women, to consider it as a viable career option?

Where and when?

Wednesday 15 September at 1pm

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Earlier this year, we spoke with a panel of experts on how we build a more balanced workforce to help address this oncoming skills gap and encourage men and women to see the benefits of working in the industry. We also looked at how a gender balance could be achieved, by discussing the challenges faced by women entering the industry and whether perceptions have changed for the better. On all of the above points, it was agreed more could be done.

In the second part of the discussion, we will continue the conversation about how we present the industry to a new generation of installers to ensure it is ready to drive the country forward to net zero. Within this the panel will explore how do we get the industry on the radar of young people and how do we make it an attractive proposition for women interested in making a career switch or wanting a business that can work around them and their families. What are the barriers to be addressed and break down the gender imbalance, so it is seen as a career for all? Or are views already beginning to change from those coming through training now?


  • Richard Burrows – Mid Wales Plumbing and Heating Supplies
  • Jerry Whiteley – CIPHE
  • Rajesh Patel – Leicester College
  • Kayleigh Stone – Resideo

Do we, for instance, need to take a new approach to encourage more women to take the plunge and join a training course? We’ll also look at whether there are routes that may appeal differently to men and women keen to explore the industry

and how do we maximise the potential of these to encourage people to take full advantage of the opportunities the industry offers now, and in the future.

There’s no charge – Click here to save your spot