Webinar: The fundamentals of evaporative cooling and how to adapt your skillset to grow your business

Are you a contractor working with Commercial/industrial clients providing heating?  Do you pass on opportunities for Air-conditioning, opening the door to your competitors? 

Perhaps you’re an air-conditioning contractor competing in the ‘refrigerant’ based market that would benefit from a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Tune into this live webinar on Wednesday 21 April at 12pm where you can discover a world of opportunity with evaporative cooling solutions.

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Who will be speaking?

Seeley International’s Sales Manager for UK & Ireland, Sarah Higgs-Clarke, will use her 25-year HVAC industry experience to guide you through the concept of evaporative cooling, show you the simplicity of installation thus inspiring Heating/Ventilation biased OR traditional DX Contractors, and demonstrate how you can easily adapt your skill-set to offer a complete new side to your business and generate new installation & service sales.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to cost effectively cool with water, a variety of industry sectors and we will explore the fundamental differences(pros & cons) between evaporative & refrigerant cooling.  We will explain the structure of Seeley International and how we would support you as anew customer, including training, stock, project assistance & technical support.

Seeley International is an award winning, long-established manufacturer of evaporative cooling equipment.  Our products provide cost-effective solutions for projects that in some instances would not be viable with traditional air-conditioning.  Moreover, our products deliver100% fresh cool air into spaces, providing high Indoor Air Quality for occupants.

IAQ has never been so highly regarded as now, with growing pressure on employers to ensure their workplaces are as safe as possible for their staff.  With the benefit of 100%freshly supplied air, Seeley’s evaporative coolers do not re-circulate air like traditional air-conditioning.  Our method of cooling vastly reduces contaminants such as pollutants, germs & viruses.  Global industry bodies like CIBSE, endorse as little re-circulated air as possible to guard against the likes of Covid.  With Seeley coolers, end-users benefit from increased productivity as the health & wellbeing of their workers is improved.  In some localities, where many similar employers exist, this can even make them a favourable employer to work for.

There’s no charge – Click here to save your spot: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/seeley/register