Week 1 – Done

Soaring Scousers

First week done and what a pearler!
Some good results in and some big points as well as the InstallerLEAGUE is taking shape nicely.
United were on their title defence with a statement weren’t they! 4-1 against Swansea thought Laudrap had bigger minerals than that. Tell you what though unknown Bony showed he’s got a class finish in his arsenal. He’s bound to bag some points this season if the Swans give him the service. Wellbeck looks to have finally got those toothpicks he calls legs in to order. Netted some beauties at the weekend, talking about goals here, easy! If he keeps his lemon on straight he’s another one who could rake in the digits for your team.
People couldn’t wait to get Everton’s Barkley in could they?! All over him like a rash i tell you. The diamond geezer is the most transferred player in this week, don’t know if he really is mustard or if it was just a one off? Couple of Chelski boys have been shipped out on the other end. The special one has shown his colours and I think we now know who he is Torvill on. Lukaku, Mata and Luiz lead the way on the exodus of transfers out this week! I gotta admit I’m on board with that.
Tell you what though you’ll be on the sausage and mash if you bring Benteke in! He’s got goals written all over his loaf.
Right that’s enough from me I’m going for a luvly steffi. Jog On!
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