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  1. Christopher Flaherty

    Discussing this topic on other Social Media someone said they felt that ErP would be good for the renewables market, as consumers could see that a gas boiler was rated A but a heat pump was rated A++, I personally do not think it will have that effect, firstly, I doubt anyone in a situation of needing their gas boiler replaced would consider paying thousands of pounds more money, for a heat pump because its A++ compared to the gas boiler at A, I just don’t believe the public would see that as a good investment, also consumers do not go to curry’s to buy their heating appliances so browse all the different types of heating appliances checking the energy labels, they usually just call a heating installer and have the boiler they recommend, yes they can research online, but again when comparing a boiler at £1,000.00 at energy rating A and £3,500.00 on a heat pump with an energy rating of A++ I think I know which way they will go

  2. Christopher Flaherty

    I had an installer give me a great comparison of ErP, they said, ERP is like the claimed MPG of a car, on paper it looks good but in reality it’s never driven(operated) used(designed) to meet those claims. In reality it’s always less. this is exactly what ErP is and I think it could be damaging to installers, as we will be using data given to us by manufacturers from their test results, but in reality it is unlikely the system will be operated within the same parameters as the test, which could lead end users believing that installers have mislead them, which could be damaging to our reputations


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