Why eBay is the online destination for the trade


eBay supports all kinds of businesses, from sole traders with a couple of employees, to larger household names.

In 2021, eBay had 27m customers, including over 350k frequent professional trade customers, selling hundreds of millions of pounds worth of tools, materials and supplies on the e-commerce platform.

Working with a broad spectrum of UK sellers, eBay supports all types of businesses trading on their marketplace. Offering an online channel for these businesses, providing best in market products to a highly engaged and loyal customer base, eBay is the online destination for the trade.

In addition to the marketplace, eBay can provide solutions for all types of companies, from manufacturers and distributors to retailers and resellers. They have a dedicated tech team to assist with integration set-up and management, and logistics solutions including their own fulfilment centre.

Looking after the trade categories at eBay UK are Leonard Cohen & Roz Bridges. Leonard has been working with Tools & Materials sellers for the past four years, providing commercial advice to help sellers succeed on the platform, identifying opportunities for businesses in the industry, and providing market data and sourcing information. Roz provides support for new sellers coming on to the platform, from initial contact and scoping, managing integration support, all the way through to launch.

eBay is offering have 10 onboarding packages to the first 10 companies who contact them. These packages include:

  • 1:1 contact and support to launch on the platform
  • Integration/technical solutions manager dedicated to the project
  • 3rd party introductions where applicable
  • Scaling support to grow sales once launched

If you would like one of the packages, or would like to find out more, please contact Roz Bridges at rbridges@ebay.com