Why insulation is a small but important part of a heat pump installation

Condensate Pro is appealing to installers to not ignore pipe insulation when fitting heat pumps. Making sure the efficiency of a heat pump installation is the best it can be, relies on the survey, design, specification, installation, commissioning, customer handover as well as service and maintenance.

Dave Smith, founder of Condensate Pro, is now asking installers to consider the insulation around the pipework associated with heat pumps too:

Insulation is one small part of this equation, but so important – from the very beginning to all through the life of the heat pump installation.

Unlike traditional gas condensing boilers, heat pumps are not forgiving in any way. It is especially vital that the outside pipework insulation is right for the job and joints, gaps and holes are sealed so that very little heat or energy is lost. It also has to look professional on a customer’s property, not just at initial installation, but forever.

Seeing the demand for professional insulation grow following the launch of its professional insulation solution for condensate pipes, the company has developed ‘Primary Pro’, which helps installers provide maximum efficiency with a professional finish on any customers’ home or property. The Primary Pro product includes bespoke 28mm x 19mm UV-stable and weatherproof insulation and a ‘Bond & Seal’ sealant.

The product offers installers a quick, neat and cost effective way to provide the very best insulation on external heating pipework, improving the aesthetics and protection performance over traditional lagging or plastic boxing and it can be fitted in all weathers.

We are passionate about not only protecting heating systems and eliminating callbacks for installers and heating manufacturers but also making sure the heat pump and system is working to its maximum efficiency and that’s why we developed the product.

Sealing joints and the holes through the fabric of the wall where the insulation enters the building is as important as the insulation itself. Primary Pro’s unique ‘Bond & Seal’ seal helps to seal all joints and the fabric of the wall and installers can create perfect sleek, clean finishes, offering maximum protection and a beautifully finished look. All Primary Pro products ensure cost effective installations can be made in any weather, with is easy-to-cut insulation that fits around valves and other fittings.

The beauty of it is that it is so simple to maintain thought the life of the system by applying our water based maintenance coat as and when needed. There is also a real business opportunity here for installers as thousands of heat pumps look set to be installed in the coming months and years as the UK heads towards meeting its Net Zero targets.

The ‘Primary Pro’ Insulation is for 28mm pipework and can be used with solder or press fit fitting 1m semi-rigid insulation pipes. Each length of insulation is protected with a unique UV-stable and weatherproof coating, making it the perfect solution for external pipe protection. The insulation has been specially designed for easy cutting, mitring and bonding.

For more details and to watch how to install Primary Pro visit www.condensatepro.co.uk or contact Dave Smith on info@condensatepro.co.uk

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