Why it’s important to take Your 17th Edition by April 2013

17th edition wiring regulations courses are amongst the most popular in the UK for domestic and commercial electricians.
The course itself covers all the relevant wiring regulations that the industry need to follow when carrying out any installation work.  17th edition courses are completely theoretical and are designed to be taken by those who already have practical hands on experience of electrical installation.
So why is there now a deadline to take this course?
There is only a deadline if you are looking to register as a domestic installer. If you are working with domestic electrics you must register with a competent person’s scheme such as the NICEIC, ELECSA and so on. However the rules governing who can register as a qualified supervisor are set to change on the 6th April 2013.
Anyone registering from this date will need to have completed a new qualification designed specifically for domestic electricians. However no one currently knows how long this will be, who can actually take this qualification and if those who are already part qualified will be able to map in or will have to retake the whole course. In fact it is those who are already a qualified electrician or a part qualified domestic electrician that will benefit the most by taking their 17th edition course and registering by the 5th April 2013.
While there is still some confusion around the format of the new qualification what we do know is that you can still register as a domestic electrician up until and including the 5th April 2013 under the current rules. The minimum requirement to register by this date will be that you have passed your 17th edition wiring regulations and as long as you have registered by this date you will be governed by the current regulations and will be guaranteed to be assessed by the NICEIC or similar scheme provider.
This means generally that we are already seeing an increase in demand for 17th Edition Courses and this is only going to increase in the New Year. However the change not only impacts 17th edition courses it also means for many looking to qualify as a domestic installer there is more demand for the courses that contain the basic knowledge required as to be a domestic installer. Here are Trade Skills 4U this means our Bronze Course package which contains the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, 2392 Inspection & Testing, 2393 Part and a 5 day practical workshop will also be in short supply come the new year.
Up until the start of this year experienced electricians who had taken their 16th edition wiring regulations could take a 1 day 17th edition update course. However due to a number of amendments to the 17th edition, this course has now been discontinued by City & Guilds and now everyone looking to pass it must take the full City & Guilds 2382-12 which is 3 days long.
So for now the message is simple. If you are intending to register as a domestic electrician in the New Year you should act now to make sure you are able to register by the April 2013 deadline.
For more information please visit, www.tradeskills4u.co.uk/courses/2382-17th-edition-course
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