Why powerful performance matters for heating systems

When it comes to heating system protection, magnetic filtration should be at the heart of an effective water treatment programme.

However, with so many magnetic filters on the market, how do you tell which offers the best value for money while delivering optimum results? ADEY takes a look at how to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck:

1. Give the performance of a lifetime

Using a magnetic filter for ongoing heating system protection goes way beyond just ticking a box. And with different filters yielding different results, choosing a filter with optimum performance means paying attention to specific design details. After all, investing in the best performing filter from the outset will help avoid costly problems further down the line.

Magnet strength and quality is key. The basis on which the technology was first invented, this is fundamental to how the filter performs. The magnet inside a MagnaClean® filter is powerful enough to capture and keep hold of tiny particles as small as 2 microns in diameter, 60 times smaller than the width of a strand of hair.

MagnaClean’s magnet is also purposely positioned in the flow of the water to maximise first pass capture, preventing harmful magnetite and debris from circulating around the system and causing damage. This signature design and the quality of components used in MagnaClean filters ensure they will outperform cheaper alternatives.

And with a legislative requirement now in place for protecting new heating systems under British Standards:7593 as part of the updated Part L of the Building Regulations, it’s a filter that you can rely on to offer the very best system protection. Many boiler manufacturers also won’t honour warranties if a filter hasn’t been fitted to work hand in hand with water treatment chemicals to keep systems in good health throughout their lifetime.

2. Last long to prosper

Investing in best-in-class over cheapest in price, provides the reassurance and peace-of-mind for you and your customers. MagnaClean filters are tested to the extreme and beyond so that they they’re built to last. Tested to 440 thermal cycles and 300,000 pressure cycles, installers can be sure that it’s the best filter for the job. The filter is also BSI Hydrostatically pressure tested to 6 bar at ambient and 95˚c to check for leakage.

We’re confident installers can trust MagnaClean to provide optimum boiler protection for the long-term without issue.

3. Filters with benefits

We know it can be challenging to convince customers to spend a little more when it comes to protecting their heating system, especially when finances are already being stretched.

That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to prove and verify the savings that MagnaClean technology can achieve so that installers can better demonstrate value for money to customers. Used as part of ADEY’s Best Practice® approach, which has been independently tested and proven to save up to 7% on household gas usage year on year*, the system protection offered by MagnaClean helps to safeguards boilers, increasing their expected lifespan by as much as seven years.

With these kinds of performance benefits, savings and quality assurances, it’s worth investing a little more at the outset for a product that’s proven to save much more over the life of the heating system. Giving installers and their customers this confidence is something we won’t compromise on.

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