Why the Future of Pipe Bending is Cordless


Bending copper pipe is a fundamental part of the day-to-day work of both installers, and refrigeration and ACR engineers. More so than ever, work needs to be accurate, efficient and simple, and using the right methods can save you time, money and effort on the job.

Perhaps the best innovation in this field has been the recent addition of battery-operated cordless pipe benders, products that make it easier than ever to reliably get the perfect bend. In this article, Rothenberger UK discuss the benefits of using a battery-operated cordless pipe bender like their Robend 4000 E, and why you should consider one for your tool kit.

Saves Money on Fittings

Everyone knows that fittings can be expensive, and over time, that expenditure can really add up. One of the most crucial benefits to an electric pipe bender is that despite the initial investment, they save you money on fittings immediately.

One installer told us that on a single job he saved upwards of £200 on fittings alone by switching to the Rothenberger Robend 4000 E. This means that over a short period of time, you’re highly likely to earn back the money you would spend to purchase the machine, and quickly start making a profit.

Up to 35mm, Bent with Ease

Bending pipe of a smaller diameter is easy, but things get tricky when you start getting up to large pipe, like those used in commercial or industrial settings. Electric bending machines make it easier than ever to bend commercially sized pipe, quickly and with no effort used, allowing you to save your energy for what matters.

The Robend 4000 E can bend copper tubing up to 35mm in diameter, and 28mm in stainless steel thanks to its seven-fold drive, which provides a smooth and strong transmission.

The Perfect Bend

Nothing is worse than being on a job and rippling pipe, through issues with the equipment or simple user error. Electric pipe benders go some way to eliminating the risk of ruining the pipe by giving you a reliably good bend. This will save you time and money, correcting errors and ensuring you make use of all the pipe you purchase.

The Robend 4000 E provides reliably good bends with no ripples or defects, thanks to the special curved ROLUB bending shoe, which generates less friction.

Pin-point Accuracy

One of the huge benefits of electric benders are the ability to choose the exact angle of pipe bend. The Robend 4000 E has a pre-adjustment angle dial that allows you to select the exact degree of pipe bend needed, up to a maximum of 180°, making complicated or difficult bends quick and simple.

To find out more about the Robend 4000 E, visit our website: https://rothenberger.com/gb-en/bending-machine-robend-4000-e-19769-19769-gb-en.html