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  1. Extending the gas grid, how can this suggestion be taken seriously as a general option to tacking fuel poverty?
    The common sense solution is to consider the rolling out the application of heat pumps in line with the UK’s objective of increasing the amount of low carbon electrical heating, matched against our medium term objective of increasing low carbon nuclear and renewable electricity generation.
    The UK must have a joined up energy policy in order that we do not have tangential ideas such as this raised that are not based on a defined strategy.
    Our access to mains gas and our own North Sea reserves have allowed us to be complacent with regard to having cheap heating fuel, that era has now gone so we must develop methods of heating which allow cost effective use for the long term.
    The answer, decrease the amount of heating required in properties by installing practical insulation methods and then use low carbon cost effective heating methods that are not 100% based around mains gas.
    We will then start to future proof the UK in terms of heating fuel costs and importantly also start to reduce our reliance on mains gas.

  2. Philip Smith-Lawrence

    So, if I have read this article correctly, the EUA is asking the Gov to extend the gas grid, and their Utility Network members of the EUA, will then increase their customer base and profits, without any contribution of CAPEX for the extended gas network?

    Jeremy Hawksley and Martyn Bridges present more sensible and cost effective solutions. But can image the Gov setting up an whole new ‘Off-gas Green Deal Scheme’?

    Philip Smith-Lawrence


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