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  1. Your comment on the three letter MCS is a little unfair. If you were hoping for the renewables Market to fill a big gap then you haven’t done your sums. Before jumping in you should first look at the number of installs in the chosen technology that are actually being installed. GSHPs last year went down to 2,500 compared to a million or so boilers. The industry is tiny and will take years to increse. It’s down to you manufacturers who are responsible for the hype, you offer courses and encourage installers to fit your products making them think the world is their oyster.
    There have been installers installing for many years in this cottage industry who have seen their workload quadruple in the last year all down to MCS and RHI .
    If you want to be in a specialist file then be prepared to fork out for Mcs accreditation and then wait your time for the work to come in. No one said Mcs will guarantee you work it’s there as a best practice which actually works very well. There is nothing stopping installers fitting GSHPs without Mcs but their customers will no be eligible for RHI. There is no legislation in this area so best practice should be followed.
    When we gained out Mcs accreditation we didn’t expect the floodgates to open, but five years on they did open and we were ready.
    You don’t hear many installers complainig about gas safe as you did twenty years ago when acops became legislative , we all complained but now see it was a good thing, this too will become the case with MCS


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