Wilo celebrates young people in the industry

Wilo UK is celebrating its young employees and recognising how fundamental younger generations are to the future of engineering and water management.

According to a recent article by Modern Building Services*, the average age bracket of employees within the plumbing and heating industry is in the ‘mid-40’s’. As an industry currently dominated by an older workforce, Wilo UK understand how crucial it is to encourage young professionals to gain the skills needed to take on the next wave of roles within the business.

Young, talented employees at Wilo UK, Cameron, Rachel and Tom, reflect on their careers so far and the importance of young people considering a career in this industry:

Cameron Gaunt, 26, is an Engineering Manager within Projects at Wilo UK. Having studied a Level 3 Engineering apprenticeship, Cameron was inspired by family members working within the industry, which eventually sparked an interest for him to pursue this line of work.

Cameron comments: “I started my career in a temporary administrative role before working my way through different jobs. I found Wilo UK through the help of a local job agency and noted the similar background to my current experience.”

“Wilo UK supported me by putting me through my Level 5 Management qualification, as well as further training courses. They have also given me the opportunity to travel and provide a great work/life balance. My day-to-day responsibilities are managing project work with a key focus on the water industry, as well as supporting the sales staff with technical advice and offers.”

“I think a lot of young people possibly aren’t aware of what jobs and training companies like Wilo can offer. It’s important for young people to get into this industry because the earlier you start, the more experience you can capture.”

Rachel Wallis, 36, is an Applications Engineer whose career at Wilo UK started as a Contract Administrator within the Water Management department before training to achieve this current role within just two years of joining the business.

Rachel comments: “When I first joined Wilo UK, I was immediately given basic pump training and through working alongside the previous Applications Engineer, I progressively became more involved in pump selections and quotations. Day-to-day, I am now responsible for the order management and administration of the department, as well as providing technical support to the Engineering Manager within Projects.”

“My manager has been very encouraging ever since I expressed how I would like to get more involved in the technical side of the department and actively encouraged me to take part in as much training as I can. Technical Specialists at the factory in Germany have also been very supportive when I have asked them for advice.”

“Water Management is not really considered a ‘glamourous’ area to work in, but there is a lot more to it than that. There is a sense of pride knowing that the work you do is helping supply people with clean drinking water and helping to reduce the environmental effect raw water extraction has on the ecosystem.”

“I think it is especially important for more females to get into the industry as it can be daunting as a very male dominated sector. In the last few years, I have seen more and more women taking on more technical roles and hope that trend continues.”

Tom Jalland, 27, is an Area Sales Manager within Wilo UK’s Water Management department. Tom was shown basic engineering skills by his grandfather from a young age, which encouraged him to pursue an Advanced Mechanical Engineer apprenticeship after finishing school.

Tom comments: “I chose Wilo as I was familiar with a lot of the products already from my apprenticeship. The team have since supported me every day throughout both work and personal tasks.”

“Day-to-day, I am responsible for maintaining customer satisfaction and providing advice on engineering solutions. I also follow up quotations and help to generate business through creating relationships and having conversations about projects within our awarded frameworks.”

“I think young people are potentially not given the opportunity to learn or experience many roles within the mechanical engineering industry, as it’s an area where experience helps a lot, and it takes years upon years of learning.”

“That’s why it’s important for younger people to get into this industry to ensure knowledge is passed on. You can learn all you want from textbooks but learning alongside someone who has faced real life situations within the industry will help you learn a lot more.”

Lee Tebbatt, Managing Director of Wilo UK, comments: “At Wilo, we are always encouraging and supporting young people to break into the industry. We understand that this is not only vital for the future of plumbing, heating and water management but also in providing more opportunities for generations to come.”

“We are proud to have a workforce that consists of many young professionals who are eager to learn and progress with their careers.”

For more information on Wilo UK, please visit: wilo.com/gb/en/