Win a Condensemate at InstallerFESTIVAL Tools

Installer has teamed up with Condensatemate to provide installers with a chance of winning top product.

One installer will win a Condensatemate kit, randomly drawn across Twitter and Instagram. Keep an eye on our social channels at 1pm on Thursday 22 July 2021 for your chance to win.

Entries close at midnight on 26th July 2021

Included in the kit:

  • 1/2″ drill / arbor adaptor £11.99
  • long threaded core adaptor (for dual cores) and comes with quick release clip and compression spring £19.99
  • 22mm x 300mm long diamond core bit £39.99

When upgrading a boiler where commonly an externally run overflow pipe is in situ serving as the condense, this will require upgrading to 32mm waste pipe to meet the British Standards and that of all the many boiler installation instructions.


Once the redundant overflow pipe has been removed and left with an open exposed hole of 22mm-25mm, to ensure a larger hole (typically a 52mm core bit to accommodate the solvent weld elbow), it is almost impossible to create a new symmetrical hole. Typically, the 52mm core bit will skid across the wall and this runs the risk of damaging the brick face or render finish. Please see animation video on link below, which clearly demonstrates the product in action.


Condensemate is an all in one kit comprising of a 1/2″ drill adaptor for the arbor, a long threaded adaptor for the use of dual cores, quick release clip, compression spring and a 300mm long 22mm diamond core bit.

The 22mm long core bit simply goes inside the existing hole (as a guide pin), the 52mm outer core bit (new hole) allows a fast and simple method in which to form a perfectly symmetrical hole and thus eliminate any risk of damage to property or the end user when using high powered drills (potentially working from a height on a ladder).

Watch the video here: