Win a soldering kit from Rothenberger at WolseleyLIVE

Installer has teamed up with Rothenberger to provide installers with a chance to win a full soldering kit at WolseleyLIVE.

Join us on Wednesday 10 March at 10am when we’ll launch the competition across all our social media and email channels.

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With COVID still hanging over our heads, lets put a smile on someone’s face. Leading plumbing tools manufacturer Rothenberger is giving away a full Soldering Kit, with all of the essentials you need to get the job done.

You can win all of this:

  • The original, the best, the hottest Super Fire 2 Torch; featuring instant piezo ignition, anti-flare (even upside down), adjustable flame control and a hands-free lock button.
  • Plumbers Soldering Mat; protecting surfaces from heat during soldering and brazing up to 1,000˚C.
  • New 15-22mm Plasticut Pro 2-in-1 pipe cutter; smart space saving solution combining 2 plastic pipe cutters in one tool for a clean burr-free finish with no pipe deformation.
  • 15mm Pipeslice; the original and leading copper pipe cutter. The Pipeslice cuts through copper pipe square and clean.
  • Disposable Propane Gas Cylinder, fitted with a patented non-refillable gas safety release valve and using only the highest quality gas for safe working (connects with all 1” US thread torches).
  • Store everything in a handy ROTHENBERGER branded tool bag, featuring pocket compartments to organise tools and carry handle for easily transportation on-site.

Get to know the brand.  

ROTHENBERGER – Producing High-Quality Tools Since 1949

The company develops and manufactures innovative high-quality pipe tools, machines and accessories for plumbers, HVAC and service engineers. Using advanced technology, ROTHENBERGER offers a comprehensive range of over 6,000 products to simplify and support installer’s daily work. Continuous R&D development ensures they remain at the forefront of product innovation, and this year is no exception…  

New 2 in 1 Cutter:

PLASTICUT PRO includes everything installers love about the original, easy and safe to use Plasticut rotary cutter, but also features a NEW design hinged and contoured body, making PLASTICUT PRO a hassle-free, 2-in-1 solution (available in 15 / 22mm and 1 ¼”-1 ½” (35-42mm) for waste pipe). A re-engineered blade (with free additional blade inside cutter body!) gives a clean, square, burr-free cut of 2 pipe sizes using the same tool, making it a cost effective solution for high-quality plastic pipe cutting.

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