Win a tablet with Shake and Speare and CORGI during NetZeroFESTIVAL

Shake and Speare are excited to be an official part of Installer’s NetZeroFESTIVAL this year. Here, they tell Installer why they’re taking part with an exclusive competition in conjunction with CORGI.
We’re looking forward to sharing tips for your website and online world in workshops coming up over the next few months. Plus playing host to an incredible Net Zero competition in collaboration with CORGI.
First of all, who are Shake and Speare and why are they part of NetZeroFESTIVAL? Well, we’re a digital marketing team that specialises in working with trades and building them professional, functional websites. Over the last two years we’ve built sites for trades across the country and beyond. We’ve become regulars both in the online trades world and the physical at shows.

Why Installer Festivals?

We’re always looking to help trades across the UK embrace the online world, build their business and grow. We like to help trades feel confident in their online setup, that they’re doing the right things and that their hard work and time invested is worthwhile.
Installer Magazine has a similar ethos and mindset. They regularly share informative, educational content that aims to improve the lives of trades. That’s our aim too. Working together with Installer, we want to make a difference to thousands of trades across the country, enabling them to embrace new skills and technologies, therefore helping the industry as a whole develop and grow.

The Competition

CORGI have set some fairly tricky questions on Net Zero and what it might mean for installers across the UK. There’s only three of them, and you might already know the answer. Don’t know the answer? There’s always Google for that and a bit of learning along the way!
It’s worth a shot; three questions to prove your Net Zero knowledge and you could win yourself a brand new iPad Air or Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet.
Want to take part? Hit the link to enter – Competition closes at midnight on Monday 20 July 2020.

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