‘Wireless Switch Live’ – 3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Installing Halo Heat & System


1. No Switch Live (SL) required on retrofit Heat or System installations

When replacing existing Heat only boilers, it is not uncommon to find there is no permanent live (PL) available at the boiler. The innovative Halo wiring centre, supplied with the Halo Heat & System range of controls, communicates with the Ideal boiler wirelessly using OpenTherm, meaning the existing switch live can be re-purposed as a permanent live, alleviating the need to run additional cables.

A key benefit for consumers with the rising energy costs, is the Halo Heat & System modulates the heating using OpenTherm to make the heating system more efficient, reducing energy consumption.

2. Plug-In Smart Interface

With the new Logic2 MAX Heat and System ranges, the Halo Heat & System smart interface can be plugged into the front of the Heat and System boilers instead of having to use a bracket, saving further time and effort during installation.

3. Colour Coded Wiring Centre

Every connection within the Halo Heat & System wiring centre is clearly marked and colour coded, so even those who are not confident with wiring and use an electrician currently will struggle to go wrong, saving money in electrician fees in the process. Every colour shown on the wiring centre relates to the relevant wire, with each connection clearly labelled up for additional guidance.

Halo Heat & System is available for all Logic and Vogue Heat and System boiler models.

S-Plan/S-Plan+ Wiring Diagram for Halo Heat & System 

Y-Plan Wiring Diagram for Halo Heat & System 

Here are some helpful videos for various Halo Heat & System installation scenarios: