Without cable just as powerful as a mains-powered vacuum cleaner – new cordless vacuum cleaner from Metabo


A clean working environment is indispensable for health protection, a powerful vacuum cleaner for professionals in the wood or building trade is therefore essential.

With the new cordless vacuum cleaner from Metabo, tradespeople now have a vacuum cleaner that allows them to work without a cable to get in the way and still not have to compromise on suction power.

  • High degree of health protection in dust class M
  • Powerful like a mains-powered vacuum cleaner
  • “CordlessControl” system for automatic vacuum cleaner operation- can be used across manufacturers

“Thanks to powerful Brushless motor, you will not notice any difference to standard mains-powered vacuum cleaners”, said Metabo product manager Sebastian Koch. The cordless vacuum cleaner ASR 36-18 BL 25 M SC is classified as dust class M and provides first-rate suction power. It holds back 99.9 percent of the dust generated.

“Professionals who are exposed for example to quartz dust are ideally protected with our vacuum cleaner.”

The new machine can be operated with two 18 volt battery packs or one 36 volt battery pack.

A clean solution: inside and outside the machine

The new vacuum cleaner has three different levels with which the suction power can be regulated depending on the application.

“For example, if the professional uses a cordless orbital sander that generates less dust, he can reduce the suction power accordingly and thus increase the battery pack runtime. In this way, he can work longer and make full use of the battery pack`s energy”, explained Koch. A particularly large amount of fine dust is generated for example when sanding wood or plaster filler. The filter of the vacuum cleaner gets clogged with dust during longer applications.

“We also have a solution for this: the semi-automatic filter cleaning. The technology is already in use in mains-powered vacuum cleaners, now we have developed it further for cordless vacuum cleaners”, explained Sebastian. “The filter cleans itself automatically during breaks. Obviously, cleaning can also be started manually by operating a switch.”

Cross-manufacturer compatibility

The great advantage of the system: CordlessControl combines cordless tools of all manufacturers with the cordless vacuum cleaner and thus permits professional users a high flexibility. This makes the system an optimal addition to the cross-manufacturer battery pack system CAS (Cordless Alliance System). Within this alliance, more than 280 machines and devices from currently 25 manufacturers are compatible and can be combined at random with one battery pack.

For more information visit: www.metabo.co.uk

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