Worcester Bosch launches new Climate 3000i air conditioning unit

Worcester Bosch has announced the launch of its new Climate 3000i air conditioning unit.

The manufacturer is diversifying its product range to ensure it can offer a full range of technologies for evolving user needs, with premium level performance, design and features. The Climate 3000i is one such example, a sophisticated air conditioning unit that can provide both cooling and heating for homeowners.

The product has been developed with customers in mind, offering a wide range of features and modes to keep homeowners comfortable no matter the weather. These mainly can be found through the innovative control system and remote controller.

Key features of the Climate 3000i include:

  • ‘Wind Avoid Me’ – Mode that adjusts the air flow direction, avoiding a direct breeze to the user
  • ‘Follow Me’ – Mode that activates sensor in remote, regulating the room temperature based on where the homeowner is sitting, not the indoor unit
  • ‘ECO mode’ – Reduces power consumption to 20% for 8 hours, saving on energy
  • ‘i-Clean’ – Feature that when switched on kills 99% of bacteria on evaporator and preventing spread around home

The Climate 3000i is the first air conditioning unit from the company that has in-built WiFi connectivity, meaning users can switch on their heating or cooling on their way home thanks to the connective abilities to the Bosch app.

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication & Product Management, said; “Although many know us as the UK’s leading boiler manufacturer, we do in fact offer a full suite of heating and cooling technologies including heat pumps and air conditioning units.

“The Climate 3000i has been developed to increase our offering to our installers, giving them more sophisticated and high-tech options for their own customers.”

Joel Guy from Green Heating & Renewables Ltd was one of the first to install a Climate 3000i. He commented: “These air conditioning units are incredibly easy to fit and offer great benefits to customers. I would definitely recommend branching out.”

For more information on the Climate 3000i and its many features, visit https://www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/professional/3000i