Worcester Wave control can reduce fuel bills

Worcester Wave

Installers can help their customers save money and reduce energy bills, thanks to the new Worcester Wave heating control.
The “smart” device  lets users control their heating from a smartphone or tablet, using a wireless internet connection. Through an easy-to-use free App, homeowners can take complete control of their heating and hot water, whether at home, at work, or on holiday. The App not only allows remote adjustment of heating and hot water performance, but also provides valuable information on gas consumption for both heating and hot water, helping homeowners to manage bills during a time of rising energy costs.
For installers installation is simple, as the black glass wall-mounted panel connects to the boiler using a low voltage two wired connection directly to the boiler PCB.
Watch this video to see how the Worcester Wave can benefit both installers and their customers:

The Worcester Wave smart thermostat also has load compensation, which takes into account the current room temperature and only fires the boiler at the necessary level for more efficient use of fuel, to maintain peak efficiency levels.
A weather compensation feature meanwhile, boosts efficiency even further by referencing the property’s postcode to determine local weather conditions. This means a north facing sensor  doesn’t have to be externally fitted to the property, making installation simple.
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For more information please visit: www.worcester-bosch.co.uk.