ZERO announces exclusive heat pump contract with heliotherm

ZERO, a fast-growing, UK-based renewable energy company, has this month announced it is to add heat pump technology to its product portfolio thanks to an exclusive partnership with Heliotherm, an Austrian brand at the forefront of advanced heat pump technology.
Heliotherm webAs ZERO expands the range of innovative technologies it offers to installers nationwide, this new alliance brings premium heat pump solutions from Heliotherm to the UK market for the first time. Until now, products from this Austrian firm were only available in mainland Europe.
ZERO, established in 2011, is committed to supporting emerging technologies involved in renewable energy.  With Heliotherm, ZERO believes it has found the ideal provider of top of the line heat pump technology to the UK domestic market.
Finian Parrick, CEO and founder of ZERO says, “Our installers are increasingly being asked to help householders wanting to convert to renewable energy, and with the domestic RHI now available, heat pumps are proving an attractive option to the larger architect designed home or those investing in a full renovation.
The widely available biomass boiler technologies have stimulated a lot of interest amongst the public, but are not always suitable for smaller scale domestic heating needs and so incorporating a heat pump offering into our portfolio will allow us to ensure we can service a wider market. We are hosting a series of installer training sessions with the Heliotherm product and we strongly recommend anyone interested in learning more to come along.”
Finian explains what is special about Heliotherm heat pumps: “The unique twin-x technology® and patented dsi-technology® within the Heliotherm product range enable an outstanding seasonal performance factor (SPF) greater than 5,” he comments. “And what is really compelling is that the Heliotherm SPF figures have been measured in live installations, not just in “ideal condition” laboratory environments. The Heliotherm heat pump range has also been proven to deliver the lowest operating costs in the market. Therefore we are confident that the Heliotherm heat pumps will be a great new addition to the renewable technology sector.”
Heliotherm has over 32,000 heat pump installations across Europe. Founder and CEO of Heliotherm, Andreas Banhgari, says, “Heliotherm has a unique research and development centre with a young team of creative and highly specialised professionals and we are always looking to find new, more efficient solutions.”
Heat pumps are reliable, efficient and a cost-effective heating solutions, and Heliotherm has developed a versatile range of ground- and air-source heat pumps. Air-source heat pumps extract heat from the outside air down to a temperature of -15°C, whilst ground-source heat pumps extract heat from the ground via a loop buried under the surface, providing a perfect low maintenance ‘fit-and-forget’ solution.
Whilst there are many heat pump providers available in the UK, Heliotherm’s products are engineered to an extremely high specification to ensure reliability and long-lasting performance.
The first of a series of Heliotherm installer technical training sessions has just taken place in Birmingham. With more training dates soon to be announced, installers can register interest their interest, or obtain more information about the wide range of heat pumps, via
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