Zumtobel TECTON IP64/IP54 continuous-row lighting system

Zumtobel has expanded its modular TECTON continuous-row lighting system to include IP64/IP54 protection.

All critical joints and connections of Zumtobel’s TECTON IP64/IP54 lighting solutions are fitted with sealing components, creating comprehensive protection against dust and water splashes. The upper and lateral surfaces of the corrosion-resistant trunking are completely enclosed and smooth, so they do not provide any surface for dust or water to attack and are easy to clean.

The end caps of the continuous-row luminaires and modules are made of resistant plastic that is firmly bonded to a soft sealing lip. The elastic material of the lip ensures a tight connection between modules and cover strips. Laterally running TPE seals close the joint between rail and cover strip and ensure both tight transitions and a clean appearance.

Each TECTON trunking has five mains’ cables, two control cables and two independent emergency lighting circuits. This means that not only general lighting, but also emergency lighting and lighting controls can be seamlessly integrated into the overall system.

All modules can be mounted on the trunking rail without tools. Thanks to a new locking mechanism, with integrated sealing plugs, the luminaires, sensors, and emergency lighting modules can be securely fastened with a flick of the wrist via two lateral levers.

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