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The Green Future – How Installers can get ahead

Jeff House, Head of External Affairs at Baxi, provides an overview of what challenges lie ahead of the transition to a green future, including the heating technologies and training that installers need to become more familiar with. Installers who are following the UK’s sustainability journey will know only too well how decarbonising domestic heating is […]

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Baxi Heating scoops Gas Industry Award for its hydrogen boiler

Baxi Heating’s development of a boiler fuelled by hydrogen has won the Innovation category at the Gas Industry Awards. Baxi’s Hydrogen boiler has been developed as part of its commitment to be a cleaner, greener manufacturing business. Karen Boswell OBE, Managing Director of Baxi Heating, said: “As a leading player in the British heating and hot water industry […]

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The importance of using genuine boiler spares

An increase in time being spent at home has helped to reset some consumer attitudes when it comes to spending on home essentials like heating and hot water. Asif Ali, Commercial Manager at Baxi, explores the importance of using genuine boiler spares when servicing and maintaining boilers to make sure the hard-earned money of customers […]

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Baxi boiler ranges achieve certification for use with 20% hydrogen blend

The Baxi 600, Baxi 800 and Baxi Assure ranges of gas boilers have achieved certification to run on a 20% hydrogen blend. The examination certificate issued by an independent notified body states: The boilers are qualified for the addition of up to 20vol.-% hydrogen to natural gas (G20) as burning gas. Until the gas network […]

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Baxi Assure prioritises virtual training

Baxi has continued to prioritise training with bespoke virtual learning modules, to boost the confidence of professionals installing energy efficient heating and hot water products. Throughout the pandemic, Baxi has supported housing providers, developers and their contractors with virtual training opportunities. This approach has allowed for more valuable training to continue, covering the installation, commissioning and maintenance […]

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