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Hydrogen-ready hot water heating units from Rinnai – everything you need to know

Rinnai has announced that, after an extensive testing and verification process, its N Series product range is ready for the proposed initial supply of natural gas and hydrogen blends fed through the gas pipeline infrastructure. Rinnai also states that multiples of their existing ranges are retro compatible with future hydrogen blending, these include any N […]

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Are energy islands a part of the answer in decarbonisation?

Chris Goggin of Rinnai looks at the advent of energy islands which look set to be a major part of the drive to decarbonisation in both the international arena and the UK. Decarbonisation of the industrialised world’s fuel supply is acknowledged as being the overriding priority in tackling climate change. Industry and governments across the […]

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Restart kits now available from Rinnai

Now available from Rinnai are Restart/Spares kits for all those sites coming out of lockdown. The kits allow gas engineers to have the spares readily available for when they restart systems after this long lockdown. Many sites and engineers may not know or have information on exactly how systems were shut down pre-lockdown. The Restart […]

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Cooperation and unity of effort needed to achieve decarbonisation goal

Decarbonisation of our entire societal structure can be achieved through close co-operation and unity of effort by all interested parties of the global energy industry in order to achieve the goal in the shortest possible timeframe. Rinnai UK Managing Director, Tony Gittings, looks at how collaboration is key to achieving net zero: Fossil based fuels […]

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Up to 1,000 litres per hour of temperature-precise hot water with Rinnai UK

Rinnai continuous-flow hot water heating units, with precision temperature control for either thermal disinfection or safe use on those users more vulnerable to scalding, can now deliver almost 1,000 litres per hour per unit. On top of this the whole range of units – from the A series to the N Series – can be […]

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