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UK daytime heating up 14% due to COVID-19

UK homes saw their daytime heating increase 14% this winter in comparison to the previous winter, according to a new study from tado°. Despite financial and environmental savings made with less driving, home energy bills have gone up as heating use has increased. The study sampled approximately 65,000 UK and 300,000 European homes. It found that […]

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tado°’s launched new Care & Protect feature to minimise & prevent boiler breakdowns

tado° has launched its Care & Protect Skill which keeps customers home heating systems running smoothly and offers tangible step-by-step solutions when issues arise. With 24/7 monitoring of home heating systems, Care & Protect detects boiler faults, informs users on how to fix them or who to call, and helps to minimise the outage time […]

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New tado° Professional range launched in the UK

tado° has launched the Professional range, which introduces remote boiler maintenance, enhanced multi-zone control and Smart Radiator Thermostats. tado° Professional is a portfolio of smart heating products, including the Smart Thermostat and Smart Radiator Thermostats, that enables installers to provide remote boiler maintenance to strengthen their customer relationships and improve services. tado° alerts installers when something […]

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